WMD Clinical Care Course


PowerPoint presentation with note pages. Participants will receive a basic understanding of, and familiarity with, the BNICE terrorist threat; the acute health effects of a BNICE agent exposure; recognition of trends indicating a possible BNICE event; and appropriate individual protective measures to be used in a BNICE situation.  Participants will also gain familiarity with the unique aspects of triage during a BNICE event; mass casualty considerations during a BNICE event; emergency decontamination procedures for patients and healthcare workers during a BNICE event; and appropriate emergency medical treatment for BNICE agents.

Contact the Colorado BNICE Training Center for a copy of the WMD Clinical Care Course.

Name: Colorado BNICE Training Center
Name: Emily Larson
Phone: 303-436-4925

Colorado BNICE Training Center

Denver Health

777 Bannock St., MC 8800

Denver, CO 80204

Meta Information
Type of Product: Presentation or Lecture
Languages: English
Target Capabiltities: Common: Planning, Prevent: CBRNE Detection, Prevent: Information Gathering and Recognition of Indicators & Warnings, Respond: Explosive Device Response Operations, Respond: Fatality Management, Respond: Isolation and Quarantine, Respond: Mass Prophylaxis, Respond: Medical Supplies Management and Distribution, Respond: Medical Surge, Respond: On-site Incident Managment, Respond: Public Safety and Security Response, Respond: Responder Health and Safety, Respond: Triage and Pre-hospital Treatment, Respond: WMD/Hazardous Materials Response and Decontamination
Universal Task Listing: Prevent, Protect, Respond, Common
Cognative Domain: Knowledge, Comprehension
Copyright Restrictions: Public Domain
Is Product...: Reusable
Learning Management System Compatability: None
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