Facility Fire and Life Safety Workshop


The purpose of the broadcast is to inform and educate providers, administrators, maintenance engineers and other interested persons of the recent changes in the Facility Fire/Life Safety Survey Program.  These changes are due to staff and programmatic reorganization within the Bureau of Facility Standards, as well as recent changes in CMS regulations.  We will discuss those changes and overview the Fire/Life Safety Survey process; review the most common citations, and how to prevent/correct those citations, explain the principles of life and property conservation and how it relates to surveys, and time permitting; we will discuss the newly proposed CMS Rules requiring retrofitting sprinklers into existing Long Term Care Facilities.

  • Name: Mark Grimes
    Organization: Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

Name: Okeyo Moses
Title: Research Associate
Organization: IRH
Name: Moses Okeyo
Phone: 208-282-3665

Institute of Rural Health Gravely Hall North 201, Stop 8174, Idaho State University 83209


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