Pathogenic E.coli A Look at the Disease and What Makes it so Scary

Description: This session will provide of the mechanism by which E. coli becomes pathogenic, along with the role of toxins, adhesions and the origin & behavior of the genetic elements responsible.

Key points to be covered are: 

  1.  The overview of E. coli 
  2.  the examination of key pathogenicity islands and the role they play
  3.  information on the occurrence and spread of E. coli and 
  4.  obtain knowledge about the potential of E. coli as an agent for Bioterrorism.

  • Name: Malcolm Shields Dr.
    Title: Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences – Idaho State University; Chair, Bio-Safety Committee- Idaho State University
    Organization: Idaho State University, Microbiology

Name: Okeyo Moses
Title: Research Associate
Organization: IRH
Name: Moses Okeyo
Phone: 208-282-3665
Address: Institute Of Rural Health Graveley North 201 Stop 8174 Idaho State University Pocatello Idaho 83209

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