Integrated Multi-Hazard Preparedness: The Veterinarian's Role

Description: Veterinarians must integrate their unique skills with the greater public safety/public health community- a process requiring awareness and familiarity with preparedness issues and the strategic planning process.  This presentation defines the veterinarian’s role within today’s local and global environment. This presentation will create awareness of the roles veterinarians play in preparedness, understand the range of community disasters with animal health issues, describe today’s strategic environment and its significance, and describe novel preparedness concepts and their utility in your community.

  • Name: Marc Mattix DVM, MSS, DACVP
    Title: Vice President of Regional Western Pathologists, PC, a biomedical and consulting corporation based in Bozeman, MT.
    Organization: Regional Western Pathologists

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Name: Moses
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Address: Institute Of Rural Health Graveley North 201 Stop 8174 Idaho State University 83209

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