Preparing Your Practice for Disaster and Emergency Events


This presentation discusses what to do in the event of an infectious disease epidemic, natural disaster or emergency.  It is essential for your practice’s economic survival and you ability to continue to care for patients.  In the recent past, medical practices have had to react to a multitude of emergency situations such as communicable diseases, natural disasters, and terrorist attack.  This session will provide the information you need to prepare your practice to better manage an emergency.

Name: Moses Okeyo
Title: Research Associate
Organization: Institute of Rural Health
Name: Moses Okeyo
Phone: 208-282-3665

Institute of Rural Health Graveley North 201 Stop 8174 Idaho State University Pocatello Idaho 83209

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Languages: English
Keywords: Practice Management preparedness, emergency events
Target Capabiltities: Common: Communications, Common: Community Preparedness and Participation, Common: Planning, Prevent: Information Sharing and Dissemination, Protect: Critical Infrastructure Protection, Respond: Medical Supplies Management and Distribution, Respond: Medical Surge, Respond: On-site Incident Managment, Respond: Public Safety and Security Response
Universal Task Listing: Prevent, Protect, Respond
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