Incident Command Systems (ICS) for Health Care with NIMS (EM140 NIMS)


Incident Command Systems (ICS) for Health Care with NIMS (EM 140 NIMS)

During an emergency, an Incident Command System (ICS) assists in the command, control and coordination of all efforts aimed at protecting life, preserving property, supporting the emergency response and stabilizing the operations of a health care site.

This course provides the health care workforce with an introduction to the National Incident Management System, Incident Command System and the National Response Plan and is designed to:

  • Describe the key concepts and principles underlying the National Incident Management System
  • Identify the benefits of using the Incident Command System as the national incident management model
  • Describe the ways an Incident Command System can provide a consistent approach to command and control during an emergency or disaster
  • Consider the composition of an effective Incident Command System before an actual incident occurs
  • Provide an overview of roles and responsibilities for Incident Command System members
  • Review Unified Command, needed when incidents involve not only health care facilities but other response organizations both private and governmental
  • Describe the purpose of the National Response Plan

This course meets the National Incident Management System objectives for IS 200: Basic ICS, IS 700: An Introduction to the National Incident Management System and IS 800: Introduction to the National Response Plan, for health care delivery organizations as described in the document National Incident Management System: National Standard Curriculum Training Development Guidance, October 2005.

Name: Deanna Bourgeault
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Organization: Yale New Haven Center for Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response
Name: Mark Schneider
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Languages: English
Keywords: NIMS, ICS, Nation Response Plan, Incident Command System
Target Capabiltities: Prevent: CBRNE Detection, Common: Community Preparedness and Participation, Respond: Citizen Evacuation and Shelter In-place, Protect: Critical Infrastructure Protection, Recover: Economic and Community Recovery, Respond: Emergency Operations Center Management, Respond: Emergency Public Information and Warning, Prevent: Information Gathering and Recognition of Indicators & Warnings, Prevent: Information Sharing and Dissemination, Common: Communications, Respond: On-site Incident Managment, Common: Planning, Common: Risk Management, Respond: Triage and Pre-hospital Treatment
Universal Task Listing: Prevent, Protect, Respond
Cognative Domain: Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analyst/Investigation, Synthesis or Evaluation
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