Peace Plan - Personal Preparedness Plan

Description: A recent survey by the National Center for Disaster Preparedness reports that almost 63 percent of American families do not have even a basic emergency plan.  Many parents are unfamiliar with the emergency response plans at their children's schools and have not designated a central family contact to ensure that every member of the family is accounted for during a disaster.

Preparing for a disaster requires asking yourself and your family a number of questions and taking the time to figure out the answers.

 „X       Would you be able to assist a disabled relative or neighbor? „X       Are you a pet owner, and do you need to make arrangements for the care of your animal during a disaster?

„X       What do you need in your emergency kits for home, for work and for travel?

 “PEACE of Mind” Personal/Family Preparedness Plan A tool that will assist with developing and maintaining your personal preparedness plan. This simple checklist (also available in Spanish) can be displayed in a prominent location in your home and will serve as an ongoing reminder of the need for you and your family to be prepared.  It can provide you with peace of mind—reassuring you that appropriate steps have been taken to be ready for an emergency.

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