System or Symtoms? Finding the Right Balance in Preparing for Emergencies


How many diseases of bioterrorism can you recognize?  How many chemical agents are you ready to treat/ Much health emergency training focuses on the signs, symptoms and treatment of the long list of biologica, chemical and radiological agents that may be used to cause terror or harm.  The majority of healthcare and public health personnel have a limited budget of time and money for training and many topics on which they must stay current.  Consequently, they may retain few details about specific conditions they seldom or never see.  


There is also a national policy that requires everyone who may respond during an emergency to kknow the National Incident Management System (NIMS).  Just as with rare diseases, a full education on NIMS includes detail the average practitioner will never use and may forget. 


We must balance emergency preparedness and other education needs, and find a balance between preparedness education systems or symptoms.  The presenters will provide a rationale for a balance to facilitate a coordinated response to threats. 


This program is sponsored by the New York Consortium for Emergency Preparedness Continuing Education. 

Name: Steve Silber
Title: Vice Chairman of Emergency Medicine
Organization: New York Methodist Hospital
Name: Kristine Gebbie
Phone: 212-305-1794

Columbia University School of Nursing

Center for Health Policy 

630 West 168th Street, Mailcode 6

 New York, NY 10032


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