Role of Leadership in Planning and Response for Community Practice Sites

Description: This set of power points, presented at the annual conference of the Community Health Care Association of New York State, explains why emergency planning for community practice sites (CPS) is necessary and how it can be brought about.  The presentation covers the potential role of the CPS in emergency response, the responsibility of a CPS leader in emergency planning and  response and the steps in using the Emergency Preparedness Toolkit (found at and resources to develop a plan and prepare staff.

Name: Leslie Horn, MPH
Phone: 212-342-4173

Columbia University School of Nursing

Center for Health Policy

617 W168th Street, Rm 238

New York, NY 10032 

Meta Information
Languages: English
Target Capabiltities: Common: Community Preparedness and Participation, Common: Planning, Respond: Emergency Operations Center Management, Respond: Isolation and Quarantine, Respond: Mass Care (Sheltering, Feeding, Related services), Respond: Mass Prophylaxis, Respond: Medical Surge, Respond: Triage and Pre-hospital Treatment, Respond: Volunteer Management and Donations
Universal Task Listing: Respond, Recover
Cognative Domain: Knowledge, Comprehension, Application
Copyright Restrictions: Public Domain
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