Dealing With Animals in Emergencies


This program will highlight the importance of developing local preparedness initiatives to manage animal emergencies. The speaker will describe the human resources potentially involved in animal emergency preparedness and response activities, and the benefits to their integration into the local emergency management system.

At the conclusion of the presentation, the participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the relationship between animal needs and human health and safety during emergencies
  2. Understand the legal requirements set forth in the state and Federal P.E.T.S. Act
  3. Understand the need for personal preparedness
  4. Recognize the need to collaborate with community partners in preparing for disasters effecting animals
  5. Understand community preparedness initiatives


Name: Margaret Watson
Phone: 518-402-4659
Address: Center for Public Health Preparedness
University at Albany School of Public Health
One University Place

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Keywords: animals, pets, Planning, disaster planning, shelters, livestock
Target Capabiltities: Common: Community Preparedness and Participation, Common: Planning, Protect: Food and Agriculture Safety & Defense, Recover: Economic and Community Recovery, Respond: Animal Health Emergency Support, Respond: Citizen Evacuation and Shelter In-place, Respond: Mass Care (Sheltering, Feeding, Related services), Respond: On-site Incident Managment, Respond: Volunteer Management and Donations
Universal Task Listing: Protect, Respond, Recover
Cognative Domain: Knowledge, Comprehension, Application
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