Pandemic Influenza

Description: Hour long presentation using Articulate and Powerpoint
1. Discriminate between the symptoms associated with common cold viruses and those manifested by influenza.
2. Understand the clinical significance between the different types of flu viruses.
3. Define the differences between pandemic flu and the current outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) sweeping the migratory bird and domesticated fowl populations
4. Appreciate how the virus establishes an infection within humans.
5.Understand how the virus is able to undergo rapid mutation and adaptation to new hosts.
6. Recognize the differences among the various diagnostic tests available for HPAI and influenza.
Identify the window of time when anti-viral medications will have their greatest utility.
7. Define the differences between an epidemic and pandemic.
8. Define the likely consequences associated with a pandemic in the US and other countries of the world.
9. Understand how incorporating the lessons learned from combating HPAI can be incorporated into the development of plans for pandemic influenza.

Name: Deborah Carson
Name: Deborah Carson
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