Pesticides in Clinical Care Part I


This course will discuss the broad group of chemicals and substances that make up what we know as pesticides.  The course will describe what we know and what we do not know about the health effects of pesticides, distinguish between non-specific older pesticides and the more specific newer pesticides, report the critical historical events which have shaped current peticide usage and pesticide regualtion, and identify deficiencies in our present knowledge of epidemiology of the health impacts of pesticides.  Dr. Keifer will also describe the mechanism of toxicity of cholinesterase inhibiting pesticides, pyrethroid pesticides and important unique characteristics.  The course will list some options for making the diagnosis of pesticide overexposure, explain your responsiblity to the greater population and your obligations under state law with reference to pesticides, while also explaining the barriers that some populations face in availing themselves in benefits they should enjoy.

  • Name: Matt Keifer MD, MPH
    Title: Assosiate Professor Medicine and Public Health, Co-director of PNASH at U of W
    Organization: Pacific Northwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center, University of Washington

Name: Moses Okeyo
Title: Research Associate
Organization: Institute of Rural Health
Name: Moses Okeyo
Phone: 208-282-3665
Address: Institute of Rural Health Graveley North 201 Stop 8174 Idaho State University Pocatello Idaho 83209

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Universal Task Listing: Prevent, Protect, Respond
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