Recognition and Initial Management of Chemical Casualties--Online Course

Description: Dr. Dobbs has special experience and training in management of chemical warfare casualties from the time he spent in the United States Air Force. This Free Online CE Course begins with an historical overview of chemical casualties. Various nerve agents are discussed with emphasis on the organophosphates.

There are three main objectives of the course, which are to describe the types of chemical warfare agents, recognize signs and symptoms of chemical exposure, and describe how to manage, decontaminate, and treat the victims of a chemical agent attack. Other topics discussed are triage and treatment protocols for a nerve agent exposure. At the end of the presentation there is a case scenario of a person who has possibly been exposed to a chemical.

This course has been designed for physicians in the following specialties: Primary Care, Internal Medicine, Family Practice and Pediatrics. Nurses and any other healthcare professionals interested in the topic are also encouraged to take this course.


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