Personal and Community Disaster Preparedness for Older Adults


Older adults face a number of challenges that can impede appropriate planning for and response to an all-hazards event. A substantial portion of older adults live alone, do not know how or where to get necessary information, live with disabilities, and/or are dependent on medications or assistive devices.

This live PowerPoint presentation is a one-hour module on personal and community preparedness for older adults. Topics include: why older adults are vulnerable; information on personal and community preparedness, planning, and response; and psychosocial and cultural issues.

Name: Jessica M. De Leon, PhD
Phone: 954-262-1873

Dr. Jessica De Leon
Nova Southeastern University
Health Professions Division
College of Osteopathic Medicine
Center for Bioterrorism and All-Hazards Preparedness (CBAP)
3434 South University Drive
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33328-2000

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