Pandemic Influenza Functional Exercises


Included in this product are publications, slides, master sequence of events list, injects players exercise manual, exercise plan, etc. designed to challenge public health, hospitals, emergeny managers and elected officals test their system and pandemic influenza plans.  The folder contains examples of exercise in different cities in Montana.  The material is intenede to be modified by the user to be consistent with the community and players.  This exercise has been used by the Montana Bioterrorism Training Project after teaching the ICS 300 Intermediates ICS for Expanding Medical Incidents course but can be used independent of that course as well.

Appropriate for all audiences, business as well as government and healthcare leadership.  Exercise length is about 4 to 6 hours.

Some of the images, graphics, videos and background papers included here have not necessarily been approved/or permission granted for reprint or use in this context.  As time permits, these courses may be updated and improved upon by the authors.  It would be appreciatd that updates and improvements by others be shared with the author. 

Name: Earl Hall, Bill Miller, and Kelly Burkeholder
Organization: Medical University of Ohio at Toledo and Northwest Ohio Regional Exercise Design Team and Kelly Burkeholder-Allen of the IAB
Name: Vince Colucci
Phone: 1-406-243-4634
Address: U of M School of Pharmacy
Campus Drive
Missoula, MT 59812

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