ICS 100 for Healthcare


This is a 6-8 hour course that has been modified from the FEMA ICS 100 course to be more contextual for healthcare providers.  The main content of the course has not been changed but images, referencwes and examples have been inserted to make the course more germane to the target audience.  This course can be improved upon to be more specific to the type of healthcare target audience.

The objective for this course is for participants to demonstrate basic knowledge of the Incident Command System (ICS).  This course is designed to provide an explanation of overall incident management skills rather than tactical expertise.  Additional courses are available on developing and implementing incident tactics.  (See ICS 200 and 300).

Some of the images, graphics, videos and background papers included here have not necessarily been approved/or permission granted for reprint or use in this context.  As time permits, these courses may be updated and improved upon by the authors.  It would be appreciated that updates and improvements by others be shared with the author. 


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