Respiratory Protection

Description: This module provides an overview of respiratory protection, risk assessment, types of respirators, medical screening for use of respirators, fit testing, and program components.  It includes video clips of all steps in qualitative and quantitative respirator fit testing.  This module focuses on respiratory protection for healthcare workers who may encounter infectious biological particles in a healthcare environment.  Respiratory protection for exposure to chemical agents is beyond the scope of this module.

  • Name: Jeanne Pfeiffer
    Title: Teaching Specialist
    Organization: University of Minnesota, School of Nursing MERET

  • Name: Program: MERET
    Title: Minnesota Emergency Readiness Education & Training
    Organization: Centers for Public Health Education and Outreach

Name: Sheila Hoover, Ph.D
Title: Instructional Designer
Organization: School of Public Health Centers for Public Health and Outreach
Name: Jeanne Pfeiffer
Phone: 612-626-7021
Address: School of Nursing
Room 4-178 WDH
308 Harvard St S E
Minneapolis, MN 55455

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