Smallpox & Vaccinia: The Forgotten Risk

Description: This 2 hour program, presented by Area Health Education Center of Southern Nevada, is designed for physicians, nurses and other health care practitioners.  This program will prepare health care practitioners to recognize and respond to potential smallpox outbreaks.  At the conclusion, participants will be able to:·         Compare historical trends in smallpox prevalence;·         Identify how smallpox has been and could be used as a weapon of bioterrorism;·         Recognize that a smallpox outbreak is a reportable public health emergency;·         Describe the signs and symptoms of smallpox;·         Describe treatment, complications and prognosis of smallpox infections;·         Identify the recommended management of a suspected smallpox case; and·         Explain the indications for vaccination in pre-release and post-release situations.

Name: Roberta Keeley
Phone: (702) 318-8452

Area Health Education Center of Southern Nevada

1094 E. Sahara Avenue

Las Vegas, NV  89104

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Target Capabiltities: Common: Community Preparedness and Participation, Respond: Emergency Public Information and Warning, Respond: Environmental Health, Prevent: Information Gathering and Recognition of Indicators & Warnings, Prevent: Information Sharing and Dissemination, Respond: Responder Health and Safety, Prevent: CBRNE Detection, Respond: Mass Prophylaxis, Respond: Medical Supplies Management and Distribution, Respond: WMD/Hazardous Materials Response and Decontamination
Universal Task Listing: Prevent, Respond, Common
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