Chemical Agents: Blood Agents

Description: The course “Chemical Agents: Blood Agents” is designed to give a brief overview of the mechanism of action for cyanide-based blood agents, the effects of cyanide-based blood agent exposure, and treatment for cyanide-based blood agent exposure, as well as treatment side effects and considerations for healthcare providers.

  • Name: Program: Pacific EMPRINTS
    Title: Pacific Emergency Management, Preparedness and Response Information Network and Training Services
    Organization: University of Hawaii at Manoa, College of Social Sciences

  • Name: Alan Katz MD, MPH
    Title: Professor of Epidemiology
    Organization: University of Hawaii, Public Health Sciences Program

Name: Sturgis, Kanako MPH
Title: Project Specialist
Organization: Institute for Public Health, Graduate School of Public Health, San Diego State Univerisity
Name: Daddario, Anna MSW
Phone: (808) 956-0895
Address: Pacific EMPRINTS, University of Hawaii at Manoa, 1960 East-West Road Biomed A108, Honolulu, HI 96822-2223

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Languages: English
Keywords: chemical agents, blood agents, cyanide
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