Personal & Family Emergency Preparedness Plan


The goal of this course is to provide you with tools to help you and your loved ones prepare for emergencies at home and for situations where you may need to evacuate your home.  It consists of 6 sections that each takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes to complete: 

  • A Case for Preparing
  • An All Hazards Approach to Disasters
  • Communications
  • Gathering Supplies for Home
  • Go Kits & Car Kits
  • Home Care

  • Name: Jeanne Pfeiffer
    Title: Teaching Specialist
    Organization: University of Minnesota, School of Nursing MERET

  • Name: Program: MERET
    Title: Minnesota Emergency Readiness Education & Training
    Organization: Centers for Public Health Education and Outreach

Name: Sheila Hoover, Ph.D
Title: Instructional Designer
Organization: School of Public Health Centers for Public Health and Outreach
Name: Andrea Hickle
Phone: 612-626-3033

Centers for Public Education and Outreach

2221 University Ave SE  #350

Minneapolis, MN 55414 

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Languages: English
Keywords: supplies, home, shelter in place, communication place, personal schedule, inventory of shelter in place supplies
Target Capabiltities: Common: Community Preparedness and Participation, Respond: Citizen Evacuation and Shelter In-place, Protect: Critical Infrastructure Protection, Recover: Economic and Community Recovery, Common: Communications, Common: Planning, Respond: Responder Health and Safety
Universal Task Listing: Protect, Respond, Recover, Common
Cognative Domain: Application, Knowledge, Comprehension, Analyst/Investigation, Synthesis or Evaluation
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