Public Health 101

Description: An overview of Idaho’s public health system.  Module 1: Overview of Public Learning objectives: Define public health; identify the core functions of public health; describe the 10 essential services of public health; identify how a public health agency relates with private agencies; and Identify obstacles to public health.  Module 2: The Legal Basis for Public Health learning objectives: Identify sources of government authority to assure public health at the state, federal and local levels; describe the legal framework of public health in the U.S.; describe processes for developing public health codes, statutes, and policy. Module 3: Measuring Public Health learning objectives; Identify commonly used measures of public health status and Describe basic public health performance measures.  Module 4: Idaho’s Public Health Infrastructure learning objective: Understand and describe structure for public health within Idaho.

Name: Moses Okeyo
Title: Research Associate
Organization: Institute of Rural Health
Name: Moses Okeyo
Phone: 208-282-3665

Institute of Rural Health Gravely Hall North 201, Stop 8174, Idaho State University 83209

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