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Bioterrorism Preparedness for Clinicians (EM201)


Bioterrorism Preparedness for Clinicians (EM 201)

"Bioterrorism Preparedness for Clinicians (EM 201)" is designed to prepare physicians...

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Outbreak Law

A Legal Framework for Public Health Emergency Preparedness—lecture style presentation of both video and ...

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Answering the Call

Answering the Call is a basic awareness level course, providing a broad overview of emergency response and preparedness in New Mexico.  The course is organized into four instructional modul...

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Surge Capacity for Disasters: Role of the Community Health/Public Health Nurse

In a major disaster, public health agencies must be able to expand operations to effectively monitor community health, provide care when others fail, and educate the community about risks and ap...

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Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response: Why You Should Care!

The objective of this presentation are to identify the basic characteristics of natural, technical, and biological di...

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