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Agricultural Bioterrorism

Agricultural Bioterrorism Powerpoint slide set with notes.

Author: Organization: South Carolina Area Health Education Consortium and William M Simpson Format(s): Graphic presentations/Images URL: Added: Wed Apr 19 13:43:18 -0400 2006 Last Updated: Mon Feb 19 15:41:53 -0500 2007 View Details

Bioterrorism Preparedness for Clinicians (EM201)


Bioterrorism Preparedness for Clinicians (EM 201)

"Bioterrorism Preparedness for Clinicians (EM 201)" is designed to prepare physicians...

Author: Louise Dembry MD Format(s): Mixed media/Kits, Reading material, Software/Computer files, Audio, Other URL: Added: Fri Jul 28 11:16:17 -0400 2006 Last Updated: Thu Nov 13 15:22:32 -0500 2008 View Details

Answering the Call

Answering the Call is a basic awareness level course, providing a broad overview of emergency response and preparedness in New Mexico.  The course is organized into four instructional modul...

Author: Organization: CDM Program Developers Format(s): Graphic presentations/Images, Mixed media/Kits, Reading material, Audio, Video URL: Added: Fri Aug 11 16:16:40 -0400 2006 Last Updated: Fri Sep 29 11:13:28 -0400 2006 View Details

Bioterrorism Surveillance and Epidemiologic Response Plan

The Bioterrorism Training and Emergency Preparedness Curriculum was developed to educate students and the publ...

Author: California State University Bioterrorism Training and Curriculum Development Project California State University, Long Beach Format(s): Graphic presentations/Images URL: Added: Fri Mar 02 19:05:45 -0500 2007 Last Updated: Fri Jun 08 01:39:59 -0400 2007 View Details

Introduction to Avian Influenza for Hawaii

The course “Introduction to Avian Influenza for Hawaii” is composed of two tutorial courses. The first is designed to give you a basic overview of influenza and its relationship to avia...

Author: Organization: Pacific EMPRINTS, Alan Katz MD, MPH and Seiji Yamada MD, MPH Format(s): Graphic presentations/Images, Reading material, Audio URL: Added: Tue May 29 20:55:52 -0400 2007 Last Updated: Wed Jul 15 18:55:51 -0400 2009 View Details