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Qureshi, Kristine RN, CEN, DNSc University of Hawaii at Manoa School of Nursing
Ramloll, Ramesh PhD. Institute Of Rural Health
Rees, Clifford M. JD University of New Mexico Center for Disaster Medicine
Reeves, Cheryl New York Consortium for Emergency Preparedness Continuing Education
Ritchie, Elspeth Colonel Dr. Walter Reed Hospital
Rokusek, Cecilia F. EdD, RD Nova Southeastern University, College of Osteopathic Medicine
Rothman, Marc M.D. Yale University School of Medicine
Roytman, Timur MD Washington University School of Medicine, Division of Urologic Surgery, St. Louis, MO
Ruffer, Col. (Dr.) James A. USAF, MC, Ret.,
Ryan, John
Sandrock, Christian MD, MPH California Preparedness Education Network (cal-PEN)
Sawtell, Sebrena Widmeyer Communications
Scanlon, Eileen RN, MSN Nassau County Department of Health
Schmidt, Michael Medical University of South Carolina
Schreiber, Merritt D. Dr. Center For Public Health and Disasters at the UCLA School of Public Health
Schroeder, Thomas PhD University of Hawaii at Manoa, Meteorology Department
Shepherd, Green
Shields, Malcolm Dr. Idaho State University, Microbiology
Shiu Thornton, Sharyne PhD International District Housing Alliance
Silber, Steven DO, ScM New York Methodist Hospital