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The Resource Center for Bioterrorism Training and Curriculum Development Program serves as a functional repository that is available to the public for educational materials on disaster preparedness. It aims to substantiate work by the BTCDP Grant Awardees, who first received HRSA/ASPR grant funding in 2003. This online center was developed by the South Carolina Area Health Education Consortium (SCAHEC).

The primarily function of this site is to serve as an electronically portable portfolio of all products created by the awardees. Most recent additions or updates to the site are featured on the home page.

Visitors can retrieve work by browsing:
  • Awardee or individual author
  • A specific audience (e.g., first responders, public health, students, etc.)
  • Category of Medical Subject Headings (e.g., natural disasters, chemical agents, etc.), based on criteria from the National Library of Medicine
  • Format (e.g., audio, video, software, mixed media, etc.)
  • Target Capability List for National Preparedness (U.S. Department of Homeland Security)
  • Type or educational situation (e.g., lecture, simulation, quiz, etc.)

The Google© powered search function on the left-hand menu bar, allows visitors to type in keywords to find a desired product.

Once a product is found by browsing or searching, visitors are provided the product’s title, description, author(s), developer, and contact information. Visitors can then link to the actual material or contact the authors or other related individuals if needed. Visitors can also find related materials by similar and/or other authors, through internal sorting links found throughout each product page.